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Case Study

Client: Wedding Forever

The Company

WeddingFOREVER is an upperclass videography company committed to helping couples on their magical day by documenting their cherished moments. Their breathtaking videos are assembled with creativity, professionalism, and charisma. 


The Challenge

WeddingFOREVER started as a company that offered photography, venue rental, and videography, while their competition focused on only one area of expertise. WeddingFOREVER had to find it’s identity, and focus on one area where they could excel. 


The Solution

Boss Image helped WeddingFOREVER by choosing service that would be their center of attention moving forward. We performed market research, sorted through their portfolio, and analyzed the information we gathered to determine that videography had the most opportunity. Once WeddingFOREVER committed to video, we were able to implement potent keywords that promoted search engine optimization. 


The Result

WeddingFOREVER’s brand is now recognized as an exclusive wedding video company. The market research we performed helped their team understand their client’s wants and needs. In turn, they were able to make more promising connections and find couples that fit their description for an ideal customer. 

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