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Video production is the process of creating a video. There are three subcategories of video production, each having their own steps. They are pre-production, production, and post-production.

Advantages of Video Production


  • Shows good return on investment.

  • Proven to increase the chance of purchase significantly.

  • Increases your rankings on search engines, which raises the chance of a potential customer clicking on your site.

  • The medium of choice; the majority of people would rather watch a short video about a product than to do research and read about it.

  • Your chance to go into more detail about your product, which increases consumer understanding and trust, in turn generating more purchases.

All video projects done by Boss Image start at $4,000. Based on the conversation from your preproduction meeting, we will create a budget for your video and be able to give you an estimated rate for your specific project.


Consists of a planning session that includes script writing/review, storyboarding, online meetings, location scouting, and asset collection. Includes director, assistant director, videographer, and production assistant.


Consists of set design, lighting, recording, and filming. Includes director, assistant director, videographer, and production assistant.

Consists of editing, titles, color correction, basic 2D graphic design, basic sound design, exporting, and product


Hemp Well Video
Nationwide Interlock's Welcome Video

Coming soon!

Electro Swing Dance Concept Video Preview Commercial
Electro Swing
Needles On The Tree- LuQus
Dance Interviews
Sanjay + Jordan Promotion Commercial
Motor City Movement Promotion Commercial
Twerk It- Busta Rhymes 
Read All About It- Emeli Sandé
Pop Art Make-Up Tutorial
Shout Out Video
Dan + Olga
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