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Case Study

Client: Steingold & Dwyer Law Group

Trusted & respected Detroit Defenders for over 30 years

The Company

Steingold & Dwyer Law Firm has defended individuals facing criminal and civil charges in Michigan for over 30 years. Attorneys David Steingold and Lisa Dwyer are the owners of the firm and the face of their practice. Over the years, the two lawyers have built a prestigious reputation for their strategies and familiarity with state and federal regulations.



The Challenge

Lisa first came to us during a time when she was crossing into entertainment law and looking to represent musicians. This called for an edgier look than what Lisa was used to. In addition, their website had become outdated and was not user-friendly. She was having difficulty getting a hold of her freelance website designer. The previous designer had slow turnover times and unusual business hours, leaving Lisa second-guessing any alterations she wanted to make. She needed a designer that was more available given her busy schedule, as well as a website that would be more appealing to her desired target audience.



The Solution

Our image consultants met with Lisa to discuss her desires for her new personal image. We took this information into consideration when we performed a wardrobe overhaul, in which we identified staple items she already owned, found new ways to wear certain outfits, and got rid of pieces that didn’t fit the look. From there, we took her shopping for the stylish apparel she was searching for. Once her image was on point, Lisa felt confident to schedule a photo shoot that showed off her new look. In addition to Lisa’s personal branding, we took over the Steingold & Dwyer website and remodeled it, making it user-friendly and consistent across all pages. Since Lisa is a busy person, we offered her a monthly maintenance membership where we take care of making updates, managing her domain name, and implementing search engine optimization on a regular basis.



The Result

Lisa loves her new look, and has told us she receives compliments on the eyewear we picked out for her nearly every day. She has also maintained an ongoing relationship with the trained hair stylist we referred her to. By refining Lisa’s personal brand, she has attracted clientele who are interested in her services. She has also been satisfied with our ability to deliver punctual adjustments to the Steingold & Dwyer website, helping her build her online presence. The lead generation tactics we have implemented on her website has allowed Lisa to gain more client information, resulting in an increase of new clients.

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"Jordan Mac did a head-to-toe image consult for me. I receive compliments on my glasses, no kidding, everyday. I look professional and sophisticated, yet, when I want to dress down, Jordan's team dressed me to impress. If you are stepping into the work place, running for office, wanting a change, I would recommend an image consultant from Boss Image."

-Lisa Dwyer 

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