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Case Study

Client: Nationwide Interlock

Your road to a safer tomorrow begins here.

The Company

Nationwide Interlock is an established breathalyzer company that installs devices in cars after an individual receives a DUI charge. They are the top rated and referred interlock company in Michigan, and have received more than 100 5-star reviews. Going through the process of receiving a DUI is stressful, which is why the Nationwide Interlock team does everything they can to relieve clients of that headache.


The Challenge

Nationwide Interlock wanted to carry their excellent reputation into their advertising and branding material, and decided to revamp their brand in order to gain more recognition and consistency. A notable challenge we were up against was updating their logo and website, which many clients were already familiar with. Their previous logo featured an older model of their interlock device that had a different design than more recent model. The company wanted to incorporate their current interlock device in the new logo while staying current with trends. Their website was not user-friendly and featured an outdated interface. Likewise, their marketing material also needed to be revamped to be consistent with the new brand.


The Solution

In their earlier marketing material, Nationwide Interlock used a palette featuring several shades of blue. We decided to keep blue as the main color in the new palette, as it is known to have strong associations with feelings of trust and dependability. New colors added to the palette were green (for its associations with calmness) and gray (to be used as an offset). The updated logo we produced featured a modern font and the current interlock device.

After researching similar industries, we were inspired to develop a series of sleek designs that were implemented across their website, business cards, folders, trade show displays, and more. It was important to Nationwide Interlock that the website was easy to navigate for both new and old clients, which we kept in mind when choosing menu options, button placement, and the content featured on each page. While designing their new website, we recognized a need for more visuals. Our team coordinated a photo shoot and video shoot with the team at Nationwide Interlock to help clients connect friendly faces with the business. The material we created worked simultaneously to build consistency and help Nationwide Interlock maximize their recognition. 

The Result

Our team began working with Nationwide Interlock in February 2017. By June of that year, the amount of monthly visitors increased by 300 views. Just over 52% of the audience were new visitors. Today, they are averaging over 1,300 visitors per month. We also provide Nationwide Interlock with analytical information regarding the location of viewers, which helps them strategize where they should open future locations.

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