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Case Study

Client: MAC Talent Agency

Web Development
Image Consulting

Color Scheme:

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The company

Mac Talent Agency is a leading talent agency committed to working with some of the most respected brands in their field. Their mission is to provide their clients with the utmost professional and reliable talent possible, while also offering conscientious agents that are devoted to meeting the clients individual needs. In addition to booking high-fashion models, they also book a variety of dancers, choreographers, performing groups, and on-camera talent. 


The challenge

Mac Talent Agency works with such prestigious luxury brands, so their image is extremely important. They needed to find a way to intrigue their customers, while conveying an exclusive feel. In order to do this, their talent had to look impeccable, and their marketing material needed a strategic plan. Since many of their clients operate in different parts of the world, their options were limited. 


The solution

While working with Mac Talent Agency, we decided that black and white would be the best option for their color scheme. Black symbolizes the strength and power of the business, but too much black could become overwhelming. That’s where the white came in, to balance the design. In addition, the black and white color scheme is one of the most commonly accepted across the globe. Since Mac Talent Agency works with worldwide clients, it only made sense that we choose something neutral. 


We also provided updated head-shots to many of the models, and concept videos were filmed for the dancers. Our quality digital media helped Mac Talent Agency achieve the reputable look they were going for. Mac Talent Agency also utilized print marketing material as a way to spark the interest of top level brands.  



The result

The Mac Talent Agency website gives portrays their brand a distinguished feel, as it allows clients to view each model, dancer, or group, and make a selection for what would be best fit for their event. This has helped land many respected brands as clients, such as Maserati, Hennessy, and MGM Grand. The models and dancers who received our professional video and photo services also seen an increase in bookings, since they had a professional presence. 

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