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Case Study

Client: Jordan Mac Studios

The Company

Jordan Mac Studios is a professional dance center that specializes in preparing career-minded dancers for success in the talent industry. The company helps their students to gain access to inside knowledge and professional instruction from the most talented and hard-working choreographers in the industry. The goal of Jordan Mac Studios is to build the Michigan market for dance, so that local people are casted for roles on different levels. 


The Challenge

The typical adult dancer will go to college for a degree outside of their field, such as business. That leaves them with four years of debt, and little real hands-on training in their actual field of dance. This seemed like an issue that needed to be fixed. Thats why Jordan Mac Studios created a certificate program for dancers, where they could learn information that pertained directly to them. However, something like this had never really been heard of before, and there is no actual accreditation for dance. This made it hard for potential customers to put their trust into such a program.

The Solution

Boss Image worked side-by-side with Jordan Mac Studios to create a spew of concept dance videos, demo reels, and photo shoots for the dancers enrolled in the program. The media was released strategically to promote the program, and gain more followers. We also helped implement search engine optimization into their website, so that the right people were attracted to their page.

The Result

Jordan Mac Studios has gained contact information of more than 2,000 people in the area, who were interested in the dance program.  Out of those candidates, they were able to select the most qualified dancers to participate. Jordan Mac Studios successfully ran their first program, and seven out of the eight dancers went on tour. 

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