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Case Study

Client: Feathered Brow Studio

Are you ready to experience microblading for yourself?

The Company

Feathered Brow Studio is a small business located in West Bloomfield that enhances the beauty of eyebrows by shading them with realistic hair strokes. While microblading is a fairly new technique, owner Nikki Poynter has mastered the craft and is determined to give others the opportunity to have full eyebrows. The semi-permanent tattoos are designed for individual facial symmetry that replicate the natural shape, balance, and color of eyebrows.


The Challenge

Microblading is still very new to the market, and many individuals are not familiar with the term or process. We had to find a way to promote both Feathered Brow Studio and the industry as a whole. The company knew they wanted gold and pink as the main colors, so our team had to find ways to utilize those colors while staying modern. Since the company is located in a prominently upper-class area, it was also important for Feathered Brow Studio to appeal to that specific demographic. 

The Solution

We decided that a brochure was crucial for Feathered Brow Studio’s marketing material, because it gave their company an opportunity to answer questions about the unfamiliar technique. We also dedicated pages on their website to explain the microblading process and answer frequently asked questions. White was chosen for the backgrounds of their marketing material and website because it looks both sterile and sleek. In addition, we introduced shades of black to balance all the colors and bring them together smoothly. We encouraged Nikki to use professional photos of her work on her marketing material, so her audience could see how the technique really makes a difference in one’s natural beauty!


The Result

With our assistance, Feathered Brow Studio successfully launched their business in West Bloomfield. The material we created branded their company on a prestigious level, which helped clients trust the facility and their services. We also made it easier for the company to educate clients about their services. We did this by making important information accessible online and in their brochures. We were able to place Feathered Brow Studio at the forefront of their target market, bringing in clients who can afford the services they offer.

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